About Us

Here is a little bit of our company background, 

My name is Hannah and I am the owner/founder of Thatfitt. Growing up I have always struggled with many insecurities which many times included my clothing. Some clothes were either never in my style or never fit me. Going to school and hanging out with friends became so rough to the point where I just wanted to stay home because no one would see me. Many of you reading this could probably relate and understand a girl's struggles. Thatfitt was created to give women the confidence they didn't know they had. Our company is all about confidence and helping each and every single women find their true beauty. Beauty is not always on the outside, but can be reflective of the inner self. The struggle to find the right clothing has been gone ever since we opened our store, we have a variety of set clothes for each individual women and their sizes. Every women has their own style and we understand how hard it is to find the right clothing. The clothing we provide is made out of the most comfortable material for your skin, so you never have to worry about something not feeling right. When you put on our clothing, people will walk past you and say "that fit is amazing, I want her confidence" and that is found right here lovelies!